I creep.

"The thought of snakes disturbs me for the fact they're poetically disgusting. They strike in precision to kill."

Forgive me for saying this is precisely why I love the symbolism of this 'cold' reptile. They exact just the right amount of pressure from their coils to suffocate prey, they need no more than a bite (concerning our venomous fiends) to deter an enemy. For my anti-archon philosophy, the snake hisses:

"Sic semper tyrannis!"

Whats more, snakes practice avoidance. They do not attack anyone outright. They attack their food and are satiated. Snakes will not attack unless startled or injured. They otherwise try to leave if agitated. This is a great philosophy.

Its interesting to note that snakes are really only 'evil' in the Christian sense of the term. They are definite adversaries! But they are never taken so far anywhere else. Take to Mucalinda, the snake who sheltered Buddha from the elements after reaching his enlightenment. Mucalinda is considered a Naga in the eastern faiths and it reveals a natural communion if you will, between the spirit of humans and nature. It naturally opposes the Christian hostility that we have grown accustomed to.

"The heavens darkened for seven days and a prodigious rain descended. However; the mighty king serpent, Mucalinda, came from beneath the earth and protected with his hood the one who is source of all protection. When the storm cleared, the king of serpents assumed his human form, bowed before Buddha and returned in joy to his palace."

Let me further indulge Jungian archetype. Chthonic is the nature within, the earthly impulse of self. Envy, deceit, lust, vice, pride; these are called negative and 'dark' aspects of the unconscious. When we look towards these slanders we realize that pride is love of self, lust is love of others, vice is love of the world and its mechanisms, sensuality is a love of disregard, envy is a product of love of others greatness. How can I express enough that these vices, these 'sins' are our animus! These sins are a measure of how 'good' we are. If we assume there is any bad or good, we assume they exist to measure each other. I propose that things aren't intrinsically good or evil, they merely are self-apparent. Because they are observable and we can learn from them, then if we place any value on anything - it is all good. However; this is hardly a new thought. Reference Baruch Spinoza. (I disagree with inferred points about state.)

Serpents are natural entities of chthonic mythos, they creep. I identify with this archetype so profoundly that I find it hard when people view me as cold. Far from it, indeed every act I do is so precise and exacting by nature - it cannot be helped that my emotions have infused the very substance of my doings. Unless I'm comfortable with you I do not readily change my tone of voice or manner of expression. Behind the silver tongue and behind the airy thought processes I spit there lurks beneath me the earth.

Artwork by ZombieKate @ Deviantart.com


RoseQuiltedResolution said...

You ply as though you maybe intrigued by serpents, but they're centered in survival. Thus any symbolism is primal and not heightened by distempered substance. You're rather vague in the conclusion of it all, actually. Do you so detest the world that you'd concede to such precaution? Are you so frail that you must strike at every ankle passing when taken by hunger or merely startled? Is this truly good use of talent? If it were then why would, I who a was snake, be ever so thankful that this past is dead? I know you may feel that you must strike at those passing, but not every footstep trailing towards you is food or for harm. It just seems childish to me to adore such a remarkable, but sensationally primal philosophy.

M. of Bedlam said...

Oh my.. Well I think we'll have to disagree. Chthonic mythos is hardly childish. It is the western thought process which degrades and grinds the purpose of earthly sensations to childish understanding. The eastern faiths would have a lot to say about this - but I'm not 'faithful'. I would go on but I've over explained myself before and it seems it always is received as an attack. It isn't. Note, I've written much on anarchistic philosophy. The very reason I take up arms with philosophy and not religion is another facet of my an-archon beliefs. The snake is a symbol for good reason. Survival being just one tiny aspect. My good use of talent is ensuring my ties to state and all whom are willing to be crushed by its heels, are severed. It is childish in my mind to believe there is any society to tie yourself to. It is in effect childish to believe you need to slave to others desires but your own. Understand, I have great economic arguments against the proposals of humanitarian efforts. My arguments are centered in a different tradition one of reformation of all that would bind the smallest minority: the individual. This doesn't lead to chaos - indeed anything can be replaced by private entities. Thanks for reading though. ;)

RoseQuiltedResolution said...

Again you misread me. It wasn't a attack, and it wasn't disdain for the philosophy. I even stated it was remarkable, but it is also impractical. In the end you just end up killing everything, and unless you enjoy being alone you shouldn't play serpent. It is above your intelligence. My family has taken part of government across the world. I realize anarchism is a love concept, but it'd yield nothing just as communism. (I do mean real communism and not fascist-communism.) You won't change anything, dear. The world was set a long time ago. Now we've to choose between two methods of destruction this year..the great spender who'll send our economy to oblivion, or the Robespierre who will revolutionize everything into his image. This country is doomed, and the world is doomed for it. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

M. of Bedlam said...

Ok we're agreed then. Completely agreed on the statist policy. Mind you I know nothing will change. Anarchism and subjective history has taught me that much. I know for as long as I enjoy my ride here I will have something to say. Otherwise I'll be done saying anything at all when I gain my actual economic freedom as a PT. I find my philosophy is only impractical because people are so readily shepherded. Thats fine by me. Some people benefit from such a trade off. ^_^

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