"Sic Semper Tyrannis"

O, be some other name! What's in a name?

That which we call democracy by any other name would smell as stink.

Well, what is the root of money? Who printed the said money? It is not our vices that our evil, it's the behemoth behind the scenes restricting both cash and life flow. It's our demonocracy which creates these currencies. It's the government that says,

"Your money (taxes) or your life." Well I suppose life is important so I'll grudgingly pay the tax before I run.

The modern day person whom attacks capitalism attacks the very structures of civilization. Ever do we see the growth for taxes. Taxes of which allocate the riches of the actual producing people to the unproductive leeches of society. In essence, the ideals of the rose-like democrat are the foundations of sharing impoverishment.

I find it deeply amusing, that those who collect near the water call themselves democrats preaching the ideals of equality and freedom. It is the democracy that runs counter to personal freedom. In this equation – we find that personal freedom apparently doesn't necessitate equality. But hey, who said I vouch for equality of poverty? The current problems of our nation's welfare are set from the ground up (or rather from the ivory tower of government down). These people who live in constant despotism as a whole are not really given much to escape it. In fact it seems that in order to allow for mega corporations their wealth, the government must allow for a community of the poor. The reasons I state this are very simple. Let me lay it down for you.

Common economics actually states that prices would rise when the demand slows. Well, the reason for this is simple: merchants would raise prices on items no longer in demand if only to make up for lost profit. But what if one merchant were to do this and not another? Well take a wild guess at which merchant will actually make more money, sell more goods, and have an easier time – moving on to a better marketable good. Hint: it is not the greedy sedentary and lazy capitalist that wins in this scenario. Heath wrote a book on the necessity for heterotopian playgrounds of markets. I'm not going to even try and summarize.

It is in a society such as this that the aristocracy actually diminishes and crumbles and the poor find purchase in creating wealth for themselves. If any one person cannot make a living – it is of their volition and they need not take part of this society. Rather they should find a commune that is likely to develop in the wild. A commune of socialists that demand everyone is equal out of the spite, out of the envy. It is this fertile ground of democratic ideals that blossom out of hatred for those who can make a living. It is an envy that grows counter to those that can make something beautiful.

The misunderstanding of capitalism now is due to the government's involvement with private firms. Indeed, the government is at fault for allowing any one company to monopolize itself to disgusting proportions at the cost of driving off the competition. At the cost of driving off someone who would otherwise limit the power of any one company. I don't know how to make it seem any simpler. If the people who call themselves democrats plead for justice and liberty – then they must learn that what they are asking for is more taxation, less privatization, more welfare, and definitely – more warfare. This last word doesn't sound like it really stands for freedom. Indeed, those who call for more government are nothing more than servants asking for a tyranny. These are masochists who are slaves who want masters. They are lazy and want someone else to do the work.

The misunderstanding of capitalism is due to the warping done by progressive taxing, by centralized banking authorities, by pure paper currency, by drug prohibitions, by gun prohibitions, by affirmative action and employment mandates. Capitalism is further perverted by the government ran healthcare system, by the federal departments of mandated education, by centralized energy, by homeland security. The term capitalist is overrun with the gluttony of the DEA, SEC, FTC, FDA, BATFE, it is overrun by minimum legal wages, price controls, tariffs and welfare. In essence the free economy does not exist. In essence our economy is completely targeted by the government – and in this parasitic development - I say – no more.

So why do so many oppose capitalism? It could be the above referenced roots. Or it could merely be, envy and ignorance.

Helmut Schoeck from Envy: A Theory of Social Behavior (1966).

"What is decisive is the envious man's conviction that the envied man's prosperity, his success and his income are somehow to blame for the subject's deprivation, for the lack that he feels […] A self-pitying inclination to contemplate another's superiority or advantages, combined with a vague belief in his being the cause of one's own deprivation, is also to be found among educated members of our modern societies who really ought to know better. The primitive people's belief in black magic differs little from modern ideas. Whereas the socialist believes himself robbed by the employer, just as the politician in a developing country believes himself robbed by the industrial countries; so primitive man believes himself robbed by his neighbour, the latter having succeeded by black magic in spiriting away to his own fields' part of the former's harvest. (pp. 23, 51)

So it follows that one man's prosperity is usually blamed for the lack thereof in another. It is silly to think so since, we can see that those who make their lot better have strived and worked incessantly with industriousness to apply reason to the problems of life. It is this success that unreasonably sustains the belief that success is automatic, that it need be shared equally. So if one merchant produces more he must have stolen it from his neighbor? – I laugh. But unfortunately this is no laughing matter; it is thus further blamed on the social system that allowed this one merchant to take from another. The system is argued that it must be corrupt.

"[Capitalism] crowns the dishonest unscrupulous scoundrel, the swindler, the exploiter, the 'rugged individualist" […] As conditions are under [State-fertilized] capitalism, a man is forced to choose between virtue and poverty on the one hand, and vice and riches on the other." - Ludwig von Mises

So, capitalism does not bring to mind reluctant commentary, it in fact bears self-righteous arguments. It isn't merely a statement of "capitalism doesn't work" it is filled with venom; it is filled with "capitalism is the institutionalization of exploitation." I safely argue back that democracy is the institutionalization of envy and ignorance.

All taxes, sales, income, excise, land, these are your favored fruits of redistribution. Redistribution under the name of democracy. Income taxes however are the most flagrant, nay blatant form of theft. If taxes truly were proxy it would be on a per capita basis. Not an accelerated percentage of one's income.

Now onto the secondary nature of reviling capitalism: ignorance.

What we find here is that the reason economics is so difficult to adjust to is that to truly understand it – one has to be self-reflecting, ideal and logical. Social science is the study and control of human behavior. However, one cannot study human behavior as one studies the qualities of an atom. An atom is fixed in nature – a human is unpredictable at best – which is reflective of economics. To better theorize the behavior of the 'ends justifies the means' really means "to get what I want – I'll do anything I want." That is the needed basis for the study of econ. One needs to say – "what could someone do to get to point B?"

This inability to self-reflect is abundant in America. Mandatory schooling stamped out critical thinking in students K-12 since they are forced to sit and marinate in 'facts' that are 'true'. The problem again is not the numbers (since numbers don't lie) but the amount of numbers which definitely lie.

For those who attack capitalism, they may as well state they are primitivists who attack civilization itself. Go on and worship your state; the false idol it is.

Your attacks consist of malice, envy, and ignorance of true education. If democratic/socialistic people get what they want – it won't be the end for just capitalism – but the end of education, science, technology, art, rights, prosperity and be nothing more than a mockery of 'civilization'.

It will be the end of the means. So I hiss: "Sic Semper Tyrannis."

*Artwork by Eblu @ Deviantart.com

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KluelessK said...

I've always think of this idea of social capitalism. If you consider the free market ideal where the demand and supply are in balance and the price you pay is supposedly the fair representation of its worth.. In that light, is the portion of the taxes you pay that goes to the poor (the portion that doesn't go to say the public utilities you use, like roads for e.g.), the price you pay to keep those people slightly satisfied so they don't do really harmful things like rise in arms (think russian or other communist revolutions) and make things worse? In the extreme case it's kinda the same as paying the mafia for protection? I think highly unsatisfied members of a society are possibly dangerous and a threat to everyones long term happiness. We seem to be unable to escape that unless we lived completely isolated lives. Does capitalism extended to consider long term self interest (and not just short term financial gains) allow for "liberal" taxation?

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