Much Ado About Me

I’m an LII, "Four-Flag" aspiring PT, influenced by classic individualism. My faith on the human condition is structured by human action and market anarchism.

Every action I take is a step towards self-satisfaction. This requires the removal of the things which dissatisfy me – otherwise I wouldn’t be acting now would I? What pins me down? What keeps me from tranquility?

I’m collecting dust if only for this year. The private library I’m working for keeps me bound with lines of family history. I sometimes struggle against the webbing of networks while peering at the mute red computer backgrounds. Every once in a while the screens will dance with secrets of people whom tread the dead web for life. That’s where we meet and discuss; comfortable behind our two-way mirrors.

When the dust settles from my endeavor it is my goal to leave it behind and strive for attendance at UNLV. If the winds pick up – I would love to attend Ludwig von Mises Institute.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito" - Virgil's Aeneid, Book VI

Until then, if I paced by, you may catch a breeze of guaiac wood warmed with vanilla. You’d realize that bergamot and mandarin had entered the building. My eyes are failing so forgive me, I wouldn’t dare to look; I’d have to glare to see your face so I’d wander without a glance.

I would order more Dry Martinis; however, the bartenders disagree about the ratio of Noilly Prat to Junipero Dry. I prefer a 3rd of an ounce of vermouth balanced with 2 ounces of the light, spicy and subtle delicacy of perfection. I may prefer a rind if I feel a bit zesty. Olives are traditional.

If we traded whispers in the corner, my voice would taste dry and assertive. I may come across as chilled as the ice melted in my drink. If you’re lucky you’ll find I’m far warmer when touched. You may find I’m only quiet for now.

If you are like the rest of the bawdy drinkers, you’ll find me boorish. You may imagine I have an eyebrow raised with an internal sneer.

I’m content either way. I’m listening to "One Evening" by Feist. Maybe if you listen in between the breaths we take, you’ll hear my hesitation.

..The evening was long, my guesses were true
you saw me see you.
That something you said, the timing was right;
the pleasure was mine.

The time and the place, the look on your face
sincerest of eyes.
If you're ready or not, the state of our hearts;
there's no time to take..

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