What We're Both Looking For

If you’re serious about finding someone special, whether as a friend, comrade or partner, read the entire entry. I’m a conceptual thinker with clearly delineated views. LII’s are the ones who plan organizational structures. We are think-tanks. Everything we do is to establish clarity of thought and perception.

We tend to explore a plethora of ideologies so as to refine our conclusions. What I see as a pervasive or dominant ideal influencing everyone and their sister, others find as having little to do with their every day lives. However; if you’re close to us, you’ll probably have been influenced by our convictions and have already adopted similar perspectives.

"Just because" is not something we'd say. "Cogito ergo sum", "cogito cogito ergo cogito sum", or even the frank "coitus ergo sum" may summarize our thoughts if in a humorous medium.
Everything we do or say has a reason; if pressed we'll explain very clearly why we did it.

Analysts reduce things to their most essential aspects and then recreate them bottom up or top - down. This is where our theoretical tendencies can leave us out of reality. "Crackpot" is a proper invective when applied to our notions which are apparently absurd to others. Absurd as it may be, I draw notions from founts of data. We are in tune with the "big picture". Because of this, we readily see how our vision of reality would improve the structure in place. Descartes thought only of us.

We're acutely aware of social convention as far as etiquette goes. However; we have fine tuned the art of stepping on people's toes. It makes sense as to why I prefer isolated environments where formalities don't have to be exchanged. I have a natural inclination to defend my ideas strongly thus alienating others. We cannot help but express ourselves. We’re system-builders. If an idea of ours is criticized – you’ve attacked a part of us that we live by. Thus why we're uncomfortable with making instinctive choices (we’re human – we still make them). One could ask what our favorite color is and most would react with an answer. We actually ponder the question if momentarily to draw a conclusion. (My personal favorites are sable, charcoal, and crimson. The reasons are too numerous to list. I also derive pleasure from shaping my environment in aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Apparently my type is prone to this.)

It makes sense why I have such an Anarchist bent. It seems I was born to rebel. Authority holds no interest for us. Most of us resort to criticizing the authority blatantly – and this is where we are known as ‘rebels’. If criticized for this, our frustration saturates. We ignore rules, concepts and directives that don’t suit us. We are characterized by independence. (Utilizing inferential statistics we comprise no more than 1% of the populace and are thought of as the most independent type). We have an uncompromising need for absolute freedom.

We’re best complimented by types similar to us at least in traits or ideologies. By nature we are demanding and we unfortunately approach all relations in a rational manner. We take life very seriously and are best complimented (contrary to what we like to admit) when others show us a lighter side to reality. This means, you need to be socially awkward, crack horrible laffy-taffy jokes, and maintain a thick skin by laughing at life but not at others. I’ll be attracted immensely if you’re eccentric in appearance and mind. I can’t help but love something that goes against the norm.

If you’re looking for the epitome of a stable, reliable and dedicated partner – look no further. We may be oddballs that laugh at the strangest times, but harmony in relationships and home life is extremely important to us.

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