..Snakes Cannot Lie

Reeds rippled to the east.
A breeze running late overnight
revealed sidewinders
racing through the stalks -
stalking the charmer,
my rising dawn.

the wicks of emerald sparked glowing gold
and while the weeds coiled
I listened patiently
to the serpents silver tongue
licking silence with its coal black hum
- a silent beaming sun.

Snakes cannot lie.
The roots of my world
are honestly devoured
by serpents of the word.
The screen pressed my lips
as I fingered the trails of the
original sin through the bracken
and behind my glass
my eyes flickered,
a silent raging glow.

- m of bedlam

I woke early this morning to my curtains reaching across the room. I live on about twenty acres and it was actually fascinating to watch the fields ripple. It was like watching the splendid yet ravenous approach of the Midgard Serpent. That led me to this.

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