Be Proud of Government

What does one mean by state? I'll try and play devil's advocate. Let's say I'm a fan of the state. Let’s say I’m a Statesman. This bears down to a few key points in ideology. To spare people from having to grind their gears I’m going to play a game of truth. Be honest, if you believe in the political party, you believe in most of this deep down. Go ahead and admit it. It’s ok to be a tyrant. Be proud of your beliefs! Better that than lie to yourselves and others.

As a Statesman I believe in principle that an individual and/or band of individuals needs to invade the territory and rights of other individuals or bands of individuals so that they may be represented according to whim. If one goes beyond his bounds of permission (freedom) than he needs to be punished for not abiding by the rules I would like to enforce on him.

Let’s be honest, as a Statesman (better known as a Republicrat.) I believe in an unquantifiable, sans-qualitative 'majority' vote where people attempt to pass their rights to me so that I may represent them. Because I'm representing them I choose not to believe that people pay for what they get. I believe that people must pay in taxes for services whether they want those services or not. I believe that my aggression which is a violation of equal liberty necessitates confiscation of a wo/man's earnings to pay for their protection which they didn't necessarily ask for - but are going to get anyway. I believe that people must foot the bill for violations of their intrinsic rights to freedom.

As an honest Statist I confess that there is no moral obligation – only an obligation to society. They are obligations because I obviously cannot consciously nor voluntarily assume I can discover my own moral fiber without being told what's good and what's bad. No, murder, theft and property crimes aren't self-evident. I believe that we must give up the individual 'rights' and bow in service to those who would protect me from myself and those sneaky plotting neighbors.

I believe in non-utilitarian methods of dominion. I don't believe in expediency, knowledge, epistemology, or science. I choose to ignore that history reveals that humanity has made a slow and painfully gradual discovery that a free society necessitates a free individual. I choose to ignore that advances in technology especially on the grounds of internet empower individuals more naturally than aggregates. I choose to ignore that emergent social interaction is exemplified by people voluntarily associating with each other on the internet and cannot do so in person. I choose to ignore that decentralization and entropy of my force on others is natural law and justice at work.

I choose to not adopt a live and let live approach. I choose instead to transgress the rights of others because I know better. I choose to use coercion and force and I choose to say its all for liberty.

I choose to believe that people cannot privatize the provisions of energy, waste management, law and order, nor banking as they are currently monopolized by government.

As a statesman I believe in welfare and warfare. I believe that the Constitution is outdated so I need to come up with fundamental social laws that can be reduced to habits in and outside the bedroom.

To let you know where I irreducibly stand as your representative, I’m going to counter Proudhon word for word. I believe that people need to be watched, inspected, spied, directed, law-ridden, regulated, penned up, indoctrinated, preached at, checked, appraised, sized, censured, commanded; by beings who have neither title nor knowledge nor virtue. I believe that every operation every transaction, every movement noted, registered, counted, rated, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, refused, authorized, indorsed, admonished, prevented, reformed, redressed, and corrected.

I believe that for the sake of general interest, that people need to be drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, exhausted, hoaxed, robbed; then upon the slighted resistance, at the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, annoyed, hunted down, pulled about, beaten, disarmed, bound, imprisoned, shot, judged, condemned, banished, sacrificed, sold, betrayed and to crown all, ridiculed, derided, outraged and then dishonored.

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