While I was away..

Let me know when
you'll hand it back;
my heart signed,
on some paper stack.

I freely loved before you were through..

You held in hand, my name.
I held in hand, your heart.
You were free to take it back -
I apparently can't.

Now we're stuck waiting for those forms
to let us know
when we can end this battle;
this weight dragged on.

I recognized clearly
we didn't need papers
we didn't need lawyers
to claim what we knew.

You always wanted paper;
I always wanted you.

I freely loved before you were through
and now we're through.

You left it filed away
next to the tax return,
like you could return my heart
under a two year warranty.

I guess some things weren't made to last -
too bad.
This manufacturer makes only
one-of-a-kind demands.

Wrote this while on break. How quaint.

1 comment:

masochistmonkey said...

i have an ex who treated love this politically... as if we were 2 neighboring countries communicating through wars and treaties.

i prefer to handle the micro differently than the macro, at least with humans.

hey, even the familiar laws of physics break down if the scale gets small enough.

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