thoughts on asphalt..

A waking dream slapped the
cracked asphalt summers.

In the path basked an ice cream truck;
in the heat a melody played.

In this vivid past
I screamed full fledged with life so vast;
wanting anything sweet.

Tires tread memory.

I dread nostalgia of tired days;

hazy days which spun on.
Presents -
from my practical
present day family.

in the winter of my mind
I treat summers as mosquito bites.
I hold dear to the Raid - I spray the past.
I'd hold them dearer
if I could feel as warm
as I did shaking above the asphalt black.

I watch memory
wide - eyed,
drive by
shooting me
with insignificant plot lines and tunes.

Smiles with missing teeth stampede by me.

Regrets beget an indoor life

"Don't step outside!"

Nothing changes nor disappoints.
My room looks the same
as yesterday,
in the corners of my mind.

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