Rerum Concordia Discors

Quo animo?
Quo iure?
Neutiquam erro
nil admiraro.

Omnia mutantur nos
et mutamur in illis.
Quod natura
non sunt turpia.

Regnat non regitur
qui nihil nisi quod vult facit.
Respice finem.
Rerum concordia discors.

Quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum viditur lol.

My musing translated:

With what spirit?
what law?
I am not lost
I admire nothing.

All things change
and we change with them.
What is natural
cannot be bad.

He who is king, is not a subject
who does what he wishes.
Look to the end.
The concord of things through discord.

Everything sounds profound in Latin lol.

*Golden Apple by WizardofRoz@deviantart.com

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