Racing Time

How do people do it? How do they manage to invest so much time into work and still maintain relations? Is it because they are better at multitasking? Or am I just looking at the surface?

Thankfully I'm heading on a long awaited break. I've been busting butt these past few months and I find it amusing that I still found time to multitask writing into the entire mixture. I'll be taking one more vacation for the year and then it'll really be crunch time. I’m already investing 70-80 hours of my time per week just for one job. But the time seems to whittle to nothing!

My only friend is heading off to school (finally!) and I'm really pleased with her for that. While that does leave me with nothing - it isn't really horrible. She's furthering herself as am I. It also notably frees extra time for me to work. When she is off focusing on her life - I'll be able to completely devote all efforts to myself.

It's odd; I have my hand dipped into all sorts of projects. But I find myself needing to take a look at what I'm doing - and arrange them in an ordinal manner.

Firstly I need to complete this project for the library I work for. We are near end of the first segment. After that – it is a cake walk. When I work this much I find it unfathomable to meet or socialize with anyone outside of business. I can't invest any more of my actual time. Everything is about developing business at this point.

Secondly I recently mused that we should set an article-relevant blog and mirror site for the actual company so that we could develop leads. I proposed a creation of a forum. Now that they love my idea.. I'm to complete the research as well. >_> Sure; don't make me sweat it or nothing. But I can hardly complain - it means a 'bonus'. The demographic is feasible, its not too much to maintain. It is however; yet another project to throw on me. Luckily this will be relatively easy to accomplish while I'm in the office as it just requires me toggling between windows and developing rapport with the customers and other entities.

In my 'free-time' I'm researching for a potential future demographic. I am planning on opening a business. I know who I'm selling to. But I need to research a bit more into the costs of setting it up. If I can - I'll take the promotion to Buyer/Seller for the library and then use the money I make from that towards this business venture if everything seems sound. Meanwhile I'm developing my own network with the customers I intend on selling to. If all else fails – I at least learned something about my potential =)

I also am starting to 'relearn' Japanese. It isn't so difficult because my stepmother is Japanese. I figure this should be an asset for whoever wants to hire me. If I can get my Japanese above rudimentary then I’ll be perfectly set before I head to school.

When the business venture is over with here I will then be moving to Las Vegas. I'll be pursuing a BSBA and then following up with a MBA/MIS. The reason I choose so is because I have a scholarship applicable there - and they train for the MBA/MIS quite well.

So I’ve learned something today.

I have no life. Yet I’m attempting to make one – hopefully I’ll have time to myself in five years. I project about three years of improbability for actual dating. I project about two years for not making any new friends. But I do project a sickening amount of growth for myself. I hope I’ve chosen well.

*Down the Rabbit Hole by somefield@deviantart.com

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